Sep 5, 2013

"Blessed are You..."

St Gregory wrote a rule calling for heroically virtuous priests. But in our day, when heroic virtue is needed across the whole Church, how many of us are listening to that call in the words and actions of our priests?

To this deafness we say...YES WE CAN...handle the truth! As we consider going to War against Syria, as if to punish someone, when it is we ourselves who are responsible for the bloodshed there, let us repent, let us return to the sacrament of Confession, receive the gifts of forgiveness and peace, and follow the example of Pope Francis in his most recent motu propio: let us stop our financial cooperation in "terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction!"

With the same determination, let's strive to stop financing Abortion: Here is a call to "heroic" virtue: Pay no premium that contributes to this evil. Yes, your health insurance is now paying for abortions, just check the list of benefits. This means it may be time to join one of the 3 health-sharing ministries and drop the insurance. Wait...Do you hear that?...People are complaining about the cost of insurance. No reason to waste time complaining! Save yourself some money as you save your soul!