Jul 26, 2017

Audio Books for Catholics (Available for Free)

Want to make the best use of technology? I highly recommend downloading an Audiobook App to play public-domain Libervox recordings on your smart phone or ipod.

There is a ginormous library, which includes:

Les Miserables (Hugo)
The Day-Dream (Thomas Moore)
Holy Sonnets (John Donne)
Snow-Bound (Whittier)
Forgiveness (Whittier)
The Jumping Frog (Mark Twain)
A Horse's Tale (Twain)
The Wit and Humor of America
Utopia (Thomas More)
The Innocence of Father Brown (Chesterton)
The Wisdom of Father Brown (Chesterton)
Wopsy: The Adventures of a Guardian Angel (Scriven)
Sense and Sensibility (dramatic reading) (Austen)
Little Women (dramatic reading) (Alcott)
Ben-Hur (Wallace)
The Legends of the Jews (GInzberg)
Bible Apocrapha: The First Book of Adam and Eve (Platt)
The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Apologia Pro Vita Sua (John Henry Newman)
Barbara Frietche (Whittier)

Declaration of Independence (Founding Fathers)
Constitution of the United States of America
Amendments to the Constitution
The Anti-Federalist Papers (Henry)
Declaration of Rights (Stamp Act Congress)
The Gettysburg Address (Lincoln)
The Journal of Lewis and Clarke (Lewis)
Daniel Boone (Thwaites)
Geronimo's Story of His Life (Geronimo)
The Early History of the Airplane (Wright)
Bede's Eccleastical History of England
Europe and the Faith (Belloc)
The French Revolution (Belloc)
Catholic and Anti-Catholic History (Chesterton, Walsh, Belloc)
Universal Declaration on Human Rights (United Nations)
The Wars of the Jews (Josephus)

The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses (Kincaid)
Woodcraft (Nessmuk)
Making a Rock Garden (Adams)
Remodeled Farmhouses (Northend)
Ion (Plato)
This, That, and the Other (Belloc)
The Art of Public Speaking (Carnegie)
Phaedrus (Plato) ?
How to Appreciate Music (Kobbe)
How to Sing (Lehmann)
How to Tell Stories to Children (Bryant)
The Story-teller (Lindsay)
Mother Stories (Lindsay)
Poetics (Aristotle)
Philosophy of Style (Spencer)
Stops, or How to Punctuate (Allardyce)
Lessons on Manners for Home and School Use (Wiggin)
Etiquette and Politeness (Hartley)
Roberts Rules of Order (Robert)
The Montessori Method (Montessori)
The Mother and the Child (Montessori)

The Apology of Socrates (Plato)
The Consolation of Philosophy (Boethius)
On Nothing and Kindred Subjects (Belloc)
Gorgias (Plato)
Prior Analytics (Aristotle)
Rhetoric (Aristotle)
Sophistical Elenchi (Aristotle)
On Anything (Belloc)
Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It (Atkinson)

Protagoras (Plato)
The Republic (Plato)
The Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle)
The Brothers Karamazov
The Defendant (G.K. Chesterton)
Eugenics and Other Evils (Chesterton)
First and Last (Belloc)
Politics (Aristotle)
On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (Thoreau)
The Servile State (Belloc)
The Free Press (Belloc)

Posterior Analytics (Aristotle)
Categories (Aristotle)
Timaeus (Plato)
On Something (Belloc)
Flatland (Abbott)
Physics (Aristotle)
Outline of Science (Thomson)
Meteorology (M'pherson)
Romance of Modern Chemistry (Philip)
Experiments in Plant Hybridisation (Mendel)
The Endinburgh Lectures on Mental Science (Troward)
Essay on the Creative Imagination (Ribot)
Relativity (Einstien)
Metaphysics (Aristotle)

Bible (DRV) NT

The Divine Comedy
Treatise on Purgatory (Saint Catherine of Genoa)
Summa Theologica - 01 Initial Questions
Summa Theologica - 02 Trinity and Creation
Summa Theologica - 04 Man

Theological Orations (Gregory Nanzianzus)
Treatise on Christ and Antichrist (Hyppolytus of Rome)
Against Heresies (Irenaeus)
Fifty Spiritual Homilies (Macarius of Egypt)
Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians (Polycarp)
The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (Pope Clement I)
Epistles of Ignatius (Ignatius of Antioch)
First Apology (St. Justin Martyr)
Second Apology (St. Justin Martyr)
The Enichridion of Augustine
The City of God (Augustine)
Confessions (Augustine)
Concerning Virgins (Ambrose)
On the Duties of the Clergy (Ambrose)
The Orthodox Faith (St. John of Damascus)
Commentary on Galatians (St. John Chrysostom)
The Sermon on the Mount-Commentary (St. John Chrysostom)

Story of a Soul (St. Therese)
Poetry of St. John of the Cross
Conceptions of Divine Love (Teresa of Avila)
The Interior Castle (Teresa of Avila)
Life of St. Teresa
Book of the Foundations (Teresa of Avila)
The Relations of Saint Teresa of Avila
The Way of Perfection (Teresa of Avila)
Flowers from the Garden of St. Francis
God's Troubadour, The Story of St. Francis (Jewett)
The Rule of St. Benedict (St. Benedict of Nursia)
Autobiography of St. Ignatius
Lives of the Saints (Alban Butler)
The Life and Doctrine of St. Catherine of Genoa
The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ (Emmerich)
Revelations of Divine Love (Julian of Norwich)
On Loving God (Bernard of Clairvaux)
The Practice of the Presence of God (Lawrence)
Collected Works of St. Patrick
Consoling Thoughts (Francis De Sales)
On the Love of God (Saint Francis de Sales)
On Union with God (Albert the Great)

The HHS Mandate and the Catholic Course of Action (A Discussion)


Jul 25, 2017

Come, Meet Jesus and Grow Deeper in His Love

Hi! If you've encountered the joyful witness of a Christian and want to know the One Who motivates her, or if you've met someone on fire with the Faith which you had as a child but never explored into adulthood, then this post is for you!