Sep 14, 2012

"Works of Love are Works of Peace" (Mother Teresa)

Youth in the Middle East greet Pope Benedict XVI as a courageous herald of truth and peace, thanking him for giving them each, as a personal gift, the new Arabic translation of the YOUCAT, the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church:
Here are some of the words of the Holy Father during his visit to Lebanon:
"Fundamentalism is always a falsification of religion. It goes against the essence of religion, which seeks to reconcile and to create God’s peace throughout the world. ... The essential message of religion must be against violence - which is a falsification of that message, like fundamentalism - and it must educate, illuminate and purify consciences so as to make them capable of dialogue, reconciliation and peace". (Pope Benedict XVI, September 15th 2012)
Surely, as Pope John Paul II would say, the Pope has come to "greet the martyrs of the third millinieum." JP II also warned against violence in God's name:
"It is a profanation of religion to declare oneself a terrorist in the name of God, to do violence to others in his name. Terrorist violence is a contradiction of faith in God, the Creator of man, who cares for man and loves him."—Blessed John Paul II
To government leaders in the Middle East, and to citizens across the world, Pope Benedict explains what it takes to achieve peace among peoples, and identifies the obstacles to peace. In his speech he exclaims, "If we want peace, let us defend life!" (Here is the full text of his speech, translated by the Vatican.)