Aug 29, 2012

"There Will Not Be Left One Stone Upon Another"--It Is Time For Catholic Families to Start Meeting Together as Small Christian Communities of Faith


An Association of Families
And a Network of Small Christian Communities
Giving Witness to the Gospel and the Sanctity of Human Life.

1. Solidarity:  Friendship and Charity is to prevail everywhere and at all times.
The following suggestions serve as a framework to help Families to stay connected with one-another, though personal encounters, in the tradition of Christian Hospitality. These visits, which could be as brief or as extended as the families desire, are voluntary, not compulsory, thus allowing for the flexibility that Charity often requires.

          The head of the family will meet with the parish priest once a year.
This could be in the context of the traditional Home-Visit and House-Blessing.  Remember that the proper function of the Head is "to serve, not to be served" (Mt 20:28) after the example of Our Lord at the Last Supper.

is a day set aside for rest and the worship of God (CCC 2172).
It is also set aside for Family (CCC 2185) and for tending to the needs of the Sick (CCC 2186).

2. Subsidiarity
:  In order to foster a ‘decentralized unity’ of Families,
in Love and Solidarity, We propose the following schedule of family encounters:

(Of course, these must remain flexible with respect to the dictates of Charity and the primacy of individual families, who might have special plans for certain Feast Days, Vacations, etc.)

will meet as a household at least every Sunday, before or after Sunday Mass.

          Extended Families will meet about once a month (every 4th consecutive Sunday, beginning with the second Sunday of the year).

          Subdivisions—associations of 3 to 5 local householdswill meet about once every 2 months (every 8th consecutive Sunday, beginning with the 4th Sunday of the year).

          Neighborhoods—-associations of 3 to 5 subdivisionswill meet about once every 4 months (every 16th consecutive Sunday, beginning with the 8th Sunday of the year).

          Communities—-associations of 3 to 5 subdivisionswill meet about once every 4 months (every 16th consecutive Sunday, beginning with the 16th Sunday of the year).

3. Catholic Action
--The friendships nurtured through this association will foster solicitude for individuals in need, expressed through the Works of Mercy:

          to Feed the hungry,
          to give Drink to the thirsty,
          to Clothe the naked,
          to Shelter the homeless,
          to Visit the sick,
          to Visit the imprisoned,
          and to Bury the dead;

          to Counsel the doubtful,
          to Instruct the ignorant,
          to Admonish sinners,
          to Comfort the afflicted,
          to Forgive offenses,
          to Bear Wrongs patiently,
          and to Pray for the Living and the Dead.

These actions will not be done on behalf of this association, but will be the responsibility of individuals who see the opportunity for such a personal initiative.  Although collaborative efforts are always possible, this association will not have a common fund, since it is not a Charitable Agency;  We will leave such measures in the responsibility of individuals, who are free to establish Foundations to fund specific needs, as well as the parish priest, who will be encouraged by his bishop to form a local Caritas, or Parish-Based Charitable Agency, according to the new additions to Canon Law. (See Intima Ecclesiae natura, 11 November 2012)

For fellowship and example, you may also want to meet-up, personally, with other Small Christian Communities, such as those associated with Presentation Ministries, a network based in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati which follows the specific example and direction given by their founder, Fr. Al Lauer.